Winter Gin and Tonic


• 1 1/2 oz. clove infused Dillon’s Dry Gin 7 {or Unfiltered Gin 22}
• 1/2 oz. fresh clementine juice
• 3 dashes Dillon's Lemon Bitters {or bitters of choice}
• 3 oz. Tonic Water {or 1/2 oz. Dillon's Tonic + 3 oz. soda water}
• Clementine piece and whole cloves, for garnish



1. In a mason jar add 1 cup of gin and 1 teaspoon of whole cloves. Allow to steep for 2-3 days {or until you've added as much clove flavour as you wish}
2. In your rocks glass with ice, add the infused gin, clementine juice and bitters. Stir and top with tonic
3. Garnish with clementine and whole cloves.