More Bottled Cocktails to Love

We know you've come to love our bottled Negroni and Manhattan cocktails but did you know that we also added two new cocktails this past summer?

Yep, yep we did!

Our Strawberry Negroni and Rhubarb Vesper were the perfect seasonal additions to the prepared cocktail family this summer. And the fun + enjoyment of summer flavours can continue well into the fall and winter with these two!

The Strawberry Negroni is crafted using our Strawberry Gin, Dry Vermouth and our in-house made Professor Dillon's Aperitivo.

Our Rhubarb Vesper has our Rhubarb Gin, Vodka, Dry Vermouth and Lemon Bitters. It's the perfect Martini-adjacent drink with that little kick of fresh, tart rhubarb.

Both are available here in the Sipping Room and online.

*Plus stay tuned for the next releases in the bottled cocktail collection!