Our New Gin Cocktail Is Here!

After all the fun we had in 2022 releasing our first three gin cocktails, we thought, let's do it again! The process started with a long list of flavour combinations that we loved, and what better flavour duo to showcase our home in Niagara more than strawberries and rhubarb!!!

After a few rounds of tastings {we know, our job is so tough!} we landed on what we think is the best expression of all the things we love; GIN and local fruit!

The Strawberry, Rhubarb & A Zest of Lime Gin Cocktail is available in select locations - one being right here at the distillery + via our online shop. You will also find it on shelves in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick soon!

Now we just need the weather to warm up a bit more so we can enjoy one of these outside in the sun with friends!